Fleshjack Go Surge Combo Pack


Fleshjack Go Surge Combo Pack


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Fleshjack GO is the point guard of the Fleshjack all-star team. This compact male masturbator is lighter, shorter and more discreet than the original, making it easier than ever to use anywhere, anytime and with a single hand. The Fleshjack GO value pack is the full Fleshjack experience all in one box. Everything you need to enjoy and care for your Fleshjack GO toy is sold as one unit.


  • Fleshjack GO Surge: A pink sleeve featuring the Butt orifice encased in a black canister
  • Fleshlube Water 4oz.
  • Fleshwash Cleaner 4oz.

Fully stocked with perfect pleasure potential plus all the slippery slickness and aftercare add-on's required, the Pink Butt GO Surge set combines a more compact yet equally earth-shattering version of the top-selling, ultra popular original Fleshjack with full sized bottles of FleshWash and FleshLube.

Strategically created to look and feel as close to the real thing as possible, Fleshjack's signature SuperSkin combines with incredibly lifelike detailing and a brand new Surge inner sleeve. Drawing the man in question into a tight, pink-lipped entry lined in slanted ribs of bliss, the Surge texture widens slightly to twin chambers mid-way through, adding thick nubs to the mix before tightening up into more of those deep ribs. As with all Fleshlight/Fleshjack models, you'll be able to adjust how tightly the inner walls grip by varying the suction; loosen or tighten up the cap on the casing's base to experiment.

Shaped for comfortable self (or shared) pleasure in just about any position, the Pink Butt GO's body is styled like the namesake flashlight- it looks relatively discreet and makes for a natural and comfortable grip. Aside from simply holding the GO in hand, the sturdy casing can be wedged between couch cushions or pillows; there are also various mounts and accessories available (sold separately).

Fleshjack's patented SuperSkin is known far and wide for its incredibly lifelike touch, this soft, temperature-receptive material clings and grips like warm flesh, maintaining shape and elasticity throughout play. The interior of the GO is comprised entirely of SuperSkin, the plush sleeve slides easily from GO's slick plastic casing for clean-up or temperature play. To heat things up before sliding inside, simply soak the Surge sleeve in a basin of warm water before fitting it into the casing- throw the lube bottle in, too for even more realism.

In terms of cleaning, the Surge sleeve should be rinsed thoroughly in warm soapy water- be sure to run water completely through the interior. The included FleshWash cleanser or a little isopropyl alcohol will take care of tougher messes, do not use soap or detergents on the sleeve. A great quality water based lubricant like the included 4oz bottle of FleshLube should always be used with the Pink Butt GO, silicone and oil based formulas should be avoided at all costs. Stock up in a favorite water-based formula for when the included bottle's done, this and all Fleshlight/Fleshjack masturbators require lots of slippery glide for maximum pleasure and comfort.

  • Fleshjack GO is 9 inches (22.9cm) in total and 7 inches (17.8cm) insertable vs Fleshjack original's 10 inches (25.4cm) total and 9 inches (22.9cm) insertable

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Product Details

  • Made By: Fleshlight
  • Box Dimensions:
  • Length: 10.25 in.
  • Width: 9.90 in.
  • Depth:3.25 in.
  • Weight: 2.1250 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Code: FL980

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