Working in Berlin in the early 2000´s one day at home surfing the Internet for latino gay porn I found a video that captivated me. I purchased a membership to the site and downloaded the video. Since then I became a loyal fan of the producer.

12 years later I found his email. I wrote him, he responded. For almost 3 years we exchanged emails, in the process I got to know him well. Knowing that behind what I saw there were authentic untold stories. The fantasy behind the screen monitor became the reality of everyday life. I decided to build a site to my liking, with his productions. And here we are, latinoguysporn.com is the result of an anonymous romance, between an ordinary joe and a wonderful producer.

From here I start a new stage in my life, from being a -site member- to the absolute owner of my content.
I hope you enjoy each one of the men that I present here. Every fantasy, every gesture.

This is the beginning of a long and successful path that I will do with and for you.

Olaf Neumann