Bunny & Rafael

Bunny filmed this video the same day I met him. I was doing some errands at the public market. He works as delivery boy in there. Helped me that day to carry my groceries. As usual, I talked about business, you know, porn. He said YES MAN! I WANT MONEY. But it has to be today cause I need money to pay the rent TODAY. I am a week behind, he said. Ok, lets fuck someone, I replied. So I call the “house bottom” , Rafael. Cause he is always the one at hand when this kind of situation comes up. Bunny fuck Rafael making honor to his nickname. Making Rafael suck his dick, lick his ass, and fucking our Rafael as if there were no tomorrow. His hard dick drilled Rafael ass. Yes, that day he fucked for his rent. As they said, “some ass will bleed that money”.

Bunny & Rafael High Resolution Images and Preview Video