Miguel Angel

Usually I listen to music while working the videos for latinoguysporn.com. It happens too, that while looking at a picture or the video from the set on edition I do remember a song. Miguel Angel video was edited listening to PARIS from Delerium. Vous m’avez conquise. Je me suis éprise Je me suis ouverte. And it goes like this: You have conquered me. I have been seduced. I opened to you. Miguel Angel comes from the suburbs. Works at a bakery and is bisexual. As you may know by now, I love bisexual guys. They always win. This papi brings us his “cockie”, “nuts”, “donuts” and “whip it cream”, so we can get our lusty sugar supply. He is single. Was on a same-sex affair, but life too short for him. Not that he is dying, he is just eager to fuck around and monogamy is not his game. He comes to conquer, to seduce and to open… any ass eager to be fucked.

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