Yashiro, Code-5 & Rafael

Rafael told us that he was approached by Yashiro at the bus station. Said Yashiro asked him if he was Rafael from LatinoGuysPorn. Rafael told him YEAH! – Want to fuck? – And yes, when Yashiro wakes up he was getting fuck. Code-5 shows Yashiro what you get when you meet a porn star. Or better said, a porn demon. He got 42 minutes of pure, GREAT, AWESOME, HOT, NASTY FUCKING. Only as those 2 bastards know to do. After their first scene, Code-5 and Rafael, have been dating. No BS, they are dating. Both are bi, both like guys, both like girls, so, you know. Have to say this scene is among my TOP 10 favorite. And I got my second long take filming with LGP. 21 minutes of non-stop fucking, HOT!
So here it is, Yashiro 41 minutes of fame. By the way, Yashiro is Japanese-Mexican. Just in case you want to know about this poor little bottom boy.

Yashiro, Code-5 & Rafael High Resolution Images and Preview Video