Do you remember the Japanese manga Astro Boy? It was my very first thought when saw Rene naked. I am a great fan of the show.
No need to say that Rene shows more than Astro Boy ever did.
Been shy he claims, I don’t think so. Yeah, he was kinda nervous when cameras when on, scenic panic. But did really well after few minutes.
Striking his curve dick ( verga curva ). Showing off his hairy ass to the camera, “Cause that’s what straight papis do” . Oh, I tried to open those cheeks and explore into that hole in that hairy jungle, couldn’t get in there. Gave us a great CUMS SHOT, mouthwatering, to be accurate. And as any playful dude, he did showed off after his cum.
For the record, he is neither gay or bi. Explain that to me please! Lot of guys lurking but he hasn’t found the “one” yet. OK, and you are not gay?
Works as bellboy at some luxury hotel near downtown. Know a lot of guys and girls there. Have been on some parties where he see guys fucking with girls and guys. STOP IT! Honey, you are gay. Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride. Or should I say the FUCK?