I met Vicente in 2016. We were in a club, he with some girls. Me?, well , you know, with guys. We looked each other several times, but did not have the chance to talk. Too many girls around him. Few months later I saw him again at the metro station. This time we talked. We exchanged numbers and from that moment on our relationship evolved from chats and phone calls to some kind of “rare affair”. One day after a steamy encounter of the 4th kind, no need to explain. Do I have to? I mentioned the “porn factor”. He knew about me producing porn since we got each other numbers. – What about making porn? – , I asked. – Can’t do -, replied. You know, latino papis. Perhaps is not a latino matter, it could be a “man” matter. Vicente is bi, more into girls than guys, but bi. Just the idea to be seen naked all over the Internet, was reason enough to not make porn. – So what? You are a handsome papi with a big thick dick to be proud of, – I told him. No replied this time. I did not bring up the porn issue anymore. Weeks ago he called and asked if it was possible to be film with a mask on. – No – I replied. Yeah, we do mask on, but Vicente is too handsome, it would be a shame to hide his beautiful face. That is why I said no. After several minutes talking he asked to use a cap. – No problema amigo – I said. And we did it. And I am proud of, and excited, and happy, and in love wit him. His lips, his face, his body, his shining balls, his hairy ass, his curve thick sexy dick. Cause Vicente is more than a pretty face, he is a guy with a BIG THICK COCK. Or as we say; es una verga con un hombre atras. It is a cock with a guy!